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RKV Law Presents at the Family Law Institute

RKV Law attorneys, Amy Goscha and Georgina Melbye, gave a presentation yesterday at the annual Family Law Institute in Vail. They received a number of compliments from some of the best family law lawyers in Colorado. Their presentation was titled, “Modern Law Practice: An Introduction to Discovering and Admitting Electronic Evidence.”

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Open Bar: The Perfection Of Imperfection

Peer pressure is a problem that plagues more than just teenagers.  The immersions of media combined with existence in the bustle of society conspire to create a falsified image of the perfection of our fellow citizens.  Viewing the seeming infallibilities of others as expressed through Instagram and its ilk, it is understandable for one to […]

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Open Bar: Let Instinct Guide Your Difficult Decisions

Popular lore posits important life decisions as a simple fork in the road, the choice as simple as properly calibrating one’s compass.  Reality does not present in that format.  Instead of a bucolic dirt lane, the journey of life is often undertaken on the kind of congested, confusing superhighways indigenous to Los Angeles and Beijing.  […]

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10 Things Learned at ABA/NITA Family Law Advocacy Institute

A week ago, I was in Boulder for the ABA/NITA Family Law Advocacy Institute. It was an intense program that was extremely rewarding. Each day we worked with faculty members, including judges and prominent family law attorneys from across the country, on a particular skill. One day it was opening statements; the next would be […]

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