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About Us

Reynolds, Kalamaya & Voboril, LLC is a boutique law firm of experienced but innovative attorneys equipped to serve the needs of the modern mountain community. No matter the nature or complexity of your problem, we have the tools to resolve your issue.

The three founding partners of RKV Law come from divergent geographical, educational and legal backgrounds. Dan Reynolds is a corporate, HOA, and real estate transaction attorney who hails from Wisconsin. He was schooled in Colorado, the Midwest, and Pacific Northwest, and first worked in the Eagle County D.A.’s office before moving to transactional practice. Ryan Kalamaya is a trial attorney who specializes in criminal, domestic-relations and personal injuries. He is a native of Colorado who went to college in Virginia, law school in Colorado, and also served a stint at the Eagle County D.A.’s office before going into private practice. T.J. Voboril is a business and civil litigator and mediator from Georgia (by way of New York) who was educated in New Hampshire and Virginia and practiced law in Atlanta before continuing his litigation career in Colorado. Finally, one of our associates, Georgina Melbye, is a trial attorney originally from Boulder. She went to Cornell University and the University of Colorado Law School, and handles criminal, domestic-relations and personal injury cases.

Despite our differences, the triumvirate at RKV Law shares more than a law firm: we also have a linked set of experiences that inform our vision of life and the law. We are avid skiers, mountain bikers, and outdoorsmen who are proud to call the mountains our home.

Our similarities aren’t limited to the pleasures of living in the Vail and Roaring Fork Valleys. All three partners have been named Rising Stars by Colorado Super Lawyers. We are also devoted family men: Dan and his wife have two boys; T.J. and his wife have one daughter; and Ryan and his wife have a daughter and baby boy. T.J. and Dan live in the same neighborhood. Dan (basketball), Ryan (baseball), and T.J. (crew) all played collegiate sports. Ryan (undergraduate) and T.J. (law school) were both educated at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, which is also where T.J.’s wife was born and raised. Both T.J. and Ryan traveled the globe at different junctures in their lives.

In similar fashion, Georgina grew up about 10 minutes from Ryan and went to an Ivy League school like T.J. Consistent with all three founding partners, she participated in a sport (equestrian) in college. She went to law school in Colorado and interned at a district attorney’s office like Ryan.

The joy of our camaraderie is infectious and our respective practices complement one another so that each attorney is a resource to the others. It is both our similarities and differences that allow RKV Law to move mountains for our clients.

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